Alisa Keys

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Linda & Ron

These are the beautiful photos of Linda and Ron’s wedding that took place in the Fiesta Resort last October.

The wedding was supposed to be made in the pier but the weather forecast was rain, so at the end the wedding took place in one of the restaurants. It was really hot and humid but the beautiful sunset made it all worth it. 

They grew up in New Jersey, New York and Detroit and they have lived and traveled to multiple states within and outside of America. 

Road trip Love 

December 13, 2007. Linda was on a road-trip with her friend Wanda (wedding officiant) driving from Arizona to Virginia. Ron was driving from Utah to Georgia. «We met when we both stopped at exit 234, a trading post outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He opened the door for me and we have been talking ever since then.»

Double Celebration!

«2016 after Christmas festivities were finished and out of town guests had left our home in North Carolina, Ron stated he needed a break and wanted to go to Disney World for the New Year’s celebration. At midnight, Ron arranged for us to be on the bridge outside of the castle for the New Year’s countdown light show, as Tinkerbell was flying across the sky from the castle, Ron tapped on my shoulder. When I looked to see what he wanted he was standing there with a ring.»

Wedding? Yes! but in paradise … 

«Ron was unsure if he ever wanted to get married, he just knew he wanted to not get married in the United States. After visiting Costa Rica for a vacation in 2017, he decided this was where we should get married.»

Linda and Ron, thank you for trusting us. May love always surround you <3

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