Alisa Keys

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Justine & Joe

Planning a wedding in another country that is not yours is not an easy task for sure. For Justine and Joe’s wedding we were contacted by their wedding planner Tiffany, after some back and forth emailing we seal the deal and back in March this beautiful and relaxed wedding took place in Guanacaste Province at Dreams las Mareas Resort.

Both of them grew up in Queens, NY and they met at a gym. They wanted to get married in a place that felt different and creative than usual places people’s pick and that’s why they chose Costa Rica, what else than amazing views and sunsets!

Little Savannah was the star of the event, she was just inevitable to photograph. Drinks, a speechless sunset, friends, a wet and dirty dress, classic music hits and a lot of fun and love was what this genuine love ritual left us. 

Justine and Joe thanks again for trusting us with your memories, it was our honor being part of this amazing celebration. We wish you guys a happy life together!!

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