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Aquamarine Photography was born as a touristic company which main purpose was and still is to create memories and unforgettable experiences for clients in All Inclusive Resorts. 

Later on, we felt the need to evolve and a new project was born to photograph and document real love stories of all kinds of couples on probably one of the most important days of their lives.   

Aquamarine Weddings is a contemporary wedding photography company based in Costa Rica. With more than ten years of International experience (Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia), our main goal is to capture unique, raw emotions and moments through images that more than simple photos can communicate and make you live again such a special moment of your lives. 

You are considering one of the most amazing places on earth to have your destination wedding at and we can’t be more glad about your decision. You can be sure that here in Costa Rica, you’ll find the best vendors to make your special day unique and awesome. 

Let’s talk, let’s meet and document your love as never before!
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Know Us

Here’s a little bit about us that you may want to know. 


Laura, hailing from Costa Rica and residing in the picturesque Guanacaste region, holds a deep affection for the ocean and all things maritime. Music also finds a special place in her heart, and she is undeniably the company's emotional anchor.

Meanwhile, Luisa, originally from Colombia but a Costa Rican resident for nearly eight years, is a fervent traveler with a keen interest in exploring diverse cultures, destinations, and culinary delights. She plays the role of the analytical and strategic thinker in this dynamic duo.


Our paths first crossed nearly a decade ago when we were both employed as tourist photographers at another company in Costa Rica. Our connection was immediate, evolving from fast friends to now thriving as business partners.


Both of us share a deep passion for the art of documentary-style photography. Over time, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting a unique signature style for wedding photography, skillfully harnessing the play of natural light, and the breathtaking backdrops provided by our natural surroundings. We usually work every wedding together, and each of us contributes significantly to the ultimate outcome. With our dual perspectives, your wedding galleries will capture your special day from multiple angles, making sure we capture every important moment of your special day.

Thank you for trusting us! Let's create together.

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We promise amazing photos and memories of your big day, just as it happens, as real as it can be. 

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